Periodic ‘Briefings’ are sent to audiences all across the state depending in the topic(s) and the need for a possible response from the field. If you are interested in receiving emails of General Interest, Click here and sign-up. You have full control over receiving or not receiving any MREA email contact list you have signed up for. Communications from MREA are typically detailed e-mail and internet-based updates of current issues affecting rural schools across our state are provided to members.

State and National Representation

MREA represents Montana’s small and rural schools at both the state and national level. Although we are perhaps most visible to our members through the state office in Helena. MREA has partnered with the Montana Small School Alliance (MSSA) to become co-state affiliates of NREA and is also a member of the National Rural Education Advocacy Coalition (NREAC) which is the national legislative arm of NREA and affiliated with AASA. MREA¬†leadership is at the table for state level legislative issues, topics from the Board of Public Education, working with the Office of Public Instruction, connecting with the Office Commissioner of Higher Education, collaborating with the Montana Council of Deans of Education, and maintaining a relationship with the Governor’s Office. We are also in regular contact with Montana’s Congressional Delegation representing the needs and issues that do or may impact small and rural schools that originate in our nations Capitol.

Legal Counsel

Through a unique MREA partnership, specialized experience in school law is available as a legal counsel option for MREA members. Not only is legal counsel provided representing the state association, but it is also available to individual schools on an optional basis. Click here for more detailed information and compare.

Health Insurance

MREA is proud to endorse the MUST Insurance Programs and Services. MREA has worked hard to protect the interest of our members in the recent process leading up to this endorsement. Click here or watch for our electronic Briefings with updated detailed information about this great partnership.

(Updated 6/2017)