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MREA Presentations at MCEL

Montana Conference of Educational Leadership (MCEL)

October 14-16, 2015

Billings, Montana

  • Coffee with the Lt. Governor!
      • Lt. Governor Angela McLean
    • MREA is pleased to host an informal chance to visit with Montana’s Lt. Governor about current issues facing K-12 schools and the children we serve. This sectional is open to ALL MCEL attendees.

  • R.I.S.E. (Recruiting Incredible School Educators for Montana)
      • Dave Puyear, Executive Director, MREA, Lance Melton, Executive Director, MTSBA and Kirk Miller, Executive Director, SAM
    • Montana’s state education associations and universities are joining forces to help tackle the growing problem of educator recruitment across the state. This new coalition will involve a “first-in-the-nation” registry of candidates, comprehensive background screening and advanced marketing options for local schools.

  • School Roofs: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know, But were AFRAID to Ask!!
      • Rick Fennemore and Doug Peek, MCS Partners-Roofing Specialists
    • When it comes to facilities, school roofs can be one of a district’s biggest challenges. All types of roofing systems, their features and shortcomings will be discussed. New roof restoration products and maintenance will also be reviewed.

  • MCS – An MREA-MTSBA Purchasing Program
      • Dave Puyear and Andy Garland
    • By joining forces with schools in 25 other states MREA and MTSBA members have saved OVER 10 Million dollars in recent years through the state-wide MCS purchasing program! All of the new products and services that have recently been added and are now available to Montana schools will be reviewed.

  • Your School Food Service: The Ten Most Important Things Every Administrator, Clerk and Trustee Needs to Know
      • Mike Callaghan, MCS ServSafe Instructor
    • Montana’s Food Safety Expert, Mike Callaghan, who provides ServeSafe Training for all MCS Schools, will review critical issues that every Administrator, Clerk and Trustee should be aware of in supporting these programs in your local school.

  • Legal Challenges Facing Montana Schools in 2015
      • Rich Batterman, MREA Chief Legal Counsel
    • Rich will review a variety of legal challenges currently facing Montana Schools in 2015.

  • Students Who are Well Fed are Ready to Learn!
      • Stephanie Stratton, Montana Food Bank Network
    • I will show administrators how to alleviate child hunger in their schools by implementing programs specifically targeted to help children in need. Giving children adequate access to nutritious food on a regular basis will help them perform better academically, socially, and improve behavior.


MREA Identifies Priorities for 2015-16

During the annual meetings held in Billings this summer the MREA Board of Directors and Members have identified the following priorities for the upcoming year:

  • Continue to build relationships and open communications with the business, lobbying, and civic groups in explaining the long-range funding challenges facing Montana Schools.
  • Explore the possible sponsorships of major forums/symposiums to increase awareness of school funding challenges with legislative leaders, the above business and civic groups and others in the K-12 education community.
  • Expand support to those promoting natural resource development within the state as a means of encouraging their support of our issues and concerns.
  • Actively support increased options and flexibility for Montana schools in the manner in which schools develop and implement their budgets and local finances.
  • Support legislation that will enhance local control.
  • Educate and inform members on the expansion of services available to MREA eligible schools.


The 2015 Legislative Session in the Rear-View Mirror

With the adjournment of Montana’s 64th Legislature MREA is now preparing for a full review of the legislation that was passed and the impact that various bills will have on our member schools across our state this summer.

Here’s a quick list of just a few of the objectives that were addressed during the session and which we will be providing detailed information to our members on during our upcoming Summer Conference and Annual Meetings taking place in Billings on June 22nd and 23rd:

  • Performance Audit of OPI (SJ10) – Data Collection and Reporting
  • Inflationary Increases (HB 27) - Over $40 million

  • School Safety Funding (SB 213) Extended with Increased Flexibility for Schools

  • School Bonding Limits (HB 373) increased

  • Privatization - Numerous bills killed

  • 19 Year Old Funding (SB 12) - Big School Funding Bill Killed

  • Digital Academy (HB 162) - Placed on solid footing

  • Oil and Gas Impacts - Numerous bills passed to address these impacts

  • 10-Year Study of K-12 Education (SB 128)


MT-PEC Releases 2015 Legislative Voting Record

The Montana Public Education Center comprised of the major state K-12 Education Associations, including MREA, has released it's 2015 Legislative Session Voting Record. The goal of the record is to provide insight to K-12 education advocates across the state on how elected representatives and senators have voted on issues affecting community ownership and success of our public schools.

Click Here for 2015 Legislative Session Voting Record


MREA and MSU Announce New Rural Leadership Cohort!

MREA and MSU’s Department of Education are excited to announce that we have teamed up once again to offer a Graduate-Level Leadership Cohort Program designed specifically around the needs of Montana’s rural and smaller schools and the educators serving them.


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