MREA Rural Educator Fellows Scholarship Program

MREA Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program: 

Interested Student Teacher Candidates should contact their respective Montana educator preparation program Student Teacher Placement Office or Official.


Student teacher candidates will be matched with MREA member schools that may have a teaching position opening in the next school year in the area the student teacher hopes to teach in. Example: Malta Public Schools expects to have an opening for a Middle School Science teacher in the next school year. The MREA Teaching Fellows Scholarship program will attempt to match a student teacher that would be interested in student teaching in Malta and potentially interested in applying for the teaching position when it is opened.

Selection Criteria

Applicants for a MREA Teaching Fellows award must be in good academic standing and demonstrate the potential for excellence in the education field. A Letter of Interest, Unofficial Transcript, and possible Interview will be used to make the final selection. No minimum score is required. Points are used to distinguish between candidates in the selection process.


Letter of Interest (5 points)

Prepare a letter of interest, in a standard business format, (single space with double space between paragraphs) addressed “Dear School Administrator.” The body of the letter should follow the format described below. Remember to sign the letter.

  • Introduction – Introduce yourself and your area of study. Explain the events and circumstances that have influenced your decision to become a teacher. Express your excitement and desire for a rural student teaching placement in your area of study. Describe the specific rural community, school, and positions for which you would like to be considered.
  • Body of the letter – Describe your most important qualifications, including a description of your educational experiences, field experiences, and any work or volunteer activities.
  • Closing – Indicate that your transcripts are enclosed and that you are looking forward to your student teaching experience.
  • Remember to provide your contact information (phone and email) and sign your letter.

Unofficial Transcripts (5 points)

Attach a copy of your unofficial transcript to the Letter of Interest. 3.0 or higher GPA preferred.

Interview (5 points)

If selected after review of Letter of Interest and Unofficial Transcript, the candidate will be asked to participate in a telephone interview with representative(s) of the school district.


How much is the scholarship amount? At least $1,500 for each selected candidate.

Will I get a job offer when I have completed the student teaching? Not necessarily. The scholarship does not bind the district to make a job offer, nor does it bind the student to accept a job offer if made.

If I get a job offer, do I have to accept it? No. See answer above.

How long do I have to student teach in the district if I accept the scholarship offer? The educator preparation program governs all elements of the student teaching experience as per their policy, procedure, and practice.

When would I receive the scholarship funds? As soon as the scholarship paperwork can be processed and funds can be distributed. It is anticipated the scholarship funds would be able to be distributed to the student within the first two weeks of the student teaching experience.