Administrator Search

Superintendent/Administrator Recruitment and Search Services

-Meeting the Needs of Montana Schools-

MREA believes that the recruitment and hiring of the district superintendent and other school administrative positions is one of the most important roles and responsibilities of the locally elected Board of Trustees. We believe that many local Boards could be conducting their own recruitment and searches and that they can be highly effective in doing so with the proper guidance.

A series of documents and a menu of options from MREA are available to help schools across Montana with this process.

Local School Boards are encouraged to contact MREA’s Helena office at 433-2629 for free consultation, a complete explanation of the program, and an outline of the various services available.

Free “How -To” Guide Walks the Board Through the Process

There is a free “how-to” guide which clearly explains the various aspects of an effective recruitment and search process if the Trustees are interested in conducting their own administrative search.

Limited Search Management and Facilitation Available

A variety of management and facilitation services are available to assist Montana schools. In some cases it may be difficult for the local schools to manage the paperwork and communications or to conduct the necessary background checks on their own. MREA can assist with these responsibilities for a nominal cost.

On-Site Facilitator/Expert Assistance

Although MREA believes that local Boards are in the best position to completely conduct their OWN searches, there may be some circumstances where on-site assistance and facilitation is needed. MREA has agreements with highly experienced consultants to help districts requesting this level of assistance.

All of the above services are available to Montana Schools on a “sliding scale basis” based on the size of the district and the services requested.

Please contact our Helena office at 433-2629 for more details, free consultation, and initial assistance with your administrative employment recruitment and search needs.

(Revised 7/2016)