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MCEL 2023 – October 18-20, 2023 –  Billings                 

MCS Presentations and Participation

Clinic Session I – 1:00-1:50 PM – Thursday, October 19th

Unconventional Options to Manage Campus Growth and Expansion with Bonding & Funding Uncertainty

This clinic session will address the ever-growing issue of how to manage the influx of students without overcrowding existing facilities.  As we settle into the next chapter of our current economic cycle, Districts need to find unconventional models, means & methods to deal with this issue.  Buildings are aging in Montana that house current educational programs as well as school support services.  Many of these buildings are reaching way beyond their intended life, and in some cases have deteriorated to the point where they are becoming structurally unsound.  This situation will require adaptive solutions that not only serve the Districts immediate needs but will give them the tools to actually plan longer term solutions for campus expansion as funding cycles become more favorable.  Solutions to this crisis will be discussed in detail in our session

 Presenters:    Mark Qualman – QuEst Services and Dave Puyear – MCS Director

 Also Featuring MCS Partners: CD Architectural Services, Lakeshore Equipment, Hillyard


Clinic Session III – 3:00-3:50 PM – Thursday, October 19th

Montana’s Public Bidding Laws: Tips, Tricks, and Things to Remember

This clinic session will feature a comprehensive review of state bidding standards and processes.  Details on the flexibility that Montana Law provides for the cooperative bidding process will be included.

Presenter:    Rich Batterman – MREA and MCS Chief Legal Counsel and   Dave Puyear – MCS Director

Also Featuring MCS Partners: CD Architectural Services, Lakeshore Equipment, Hilyard


Joint MREA & MCS Reception – 6:00-8:00 PM – Thursday, October 19th

Reception Hosts:               Larry Crowder, MREA Executive Director and   Dave Puyear, MCS Director

Featuring:                         All MCS Vendor Partners

***Important*** Check www.mcel.org often for changes to the full conference plan and schedule


The MCS Food Services Program:
Report a Concern: US Foods
(Our Current MCS Food Services Vendor)

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MCS “Best of the Best” 2023!


Congratulations to these great AEPA Vendor-Partners for being named to MCS’s annual “Best of the Best” Award


  • CDWG
  • Field Turf
  • Quill
  • Daktronics
  • Konica Minolta
  • CD Architects
  • QuEst Services
  • WTI-Tremco
  • Hillyard

**2024 State Award Winners to be announced at MCEL – Billings MT – October 19, 2023!**

Using US Foods’ Online Ordering System

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View MCEL 2021 Food Bid Presentation


School Expansion and Construction Services

MCS continues to develop and expand our partnership to assist Montana schools considering possible expansion and construction.  The goal of the program is to bring together Architects that specialize in school construction, school construction supervision experts and our MCS vendors that provide a wide variety of the products and services  that schools purchase during any construction project.

In many instances Montana Schools are faced with the daunting task of starting to consider expansion and possible construction with limited revenue available to start the process.  MCS’s new partners have committed to helping schools in this “limited up-front revenue available” situation.

A great way to consider expansion and construction in your district!…..Architects, Construction Experts and MCS Products and Services that satisfy all Montana Bid Requirements and backed by our 29-State AEPA/MCS Consortium….all coming together in support of Montana schools!


Architectural Pre-Bond Services

  • If your school is growing or your facilities are aging, pre-bond services can help you outline the next steps.
  • Architectural Pre-Bond services help districts:
    Understand facility needs
    Understand community growth patterns
    Outline future facility plans and master plans
    Estimate construction costs and bond tax impacts
    Present information to voters and answer questions

Recent Projects: Roundup High School, Lockwood High School

Contact: Nick Pancheau, nick@cd-mt.com, 406.248.3443



A full service, Preconstruction & Construction Management firm, specializing in assisting School Districts in Montana as your Owner’s Construction Representative (OCR). QuEst assists in all phases of Capital Project Planning from Pre-Bond Strategy, Concept Design, Budgets and Estimates to development of a Care & Maintenance Plan for your entire facility. Some of the services that QuEst provides are listed below:

  • Conceptual Project Budgeting & Planning
  • Construction Means and Methods Consulting
  • Solicitation of Design Services
  • Preconstruction Planning & Scheduling
  • Value Analysis of Project Budgets to Maximize Scope
  • Design Management
  • Cost Controls before, during & post Construction
  • Local Community Outreach of Potential Bidders
  • Schedule Management Services
  • Development of Current Facility Maintenance Plans

Recent Projects: Park City, Ennis, Roundup, Lockwood Schools

Contact: Mark Qualman, mark@costgurus.com, 406.850.9357


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Food Services Program

The MCS Food Services Program is now the largest provider of products and services specifically designed for schools across the great State of Montana!  If your school is still not a member of MCS, we encourage you to give us a call and get a quote on how much your school could be saving through our program.

Benefits of the MCS Purchasing Program

  • Volume counts! The combined purchasing power of MCS working with 25 other states and serving over 27 million students creates substantial discounts on products and services.
  • Convenient ordering! Purchase directly from the companies and order only what you need when you need it.
  • Favorite brands—excellent quality! You’ll find your favorite brands all at lower prices. Quality is guaranteed, as every product in the program meets strict content and pricing criteria.
  • Satisfies bid requirements!

MCS…29 states bidding nationally together with contracts awarded locally here in Montana!