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MCS Announces New Partnership with QuEst!

QuEst Services Corporation is a full service, Preconstruction & Construction Management firm, specializing in assisting School Districts in Montana as your Owner’s Construction Representative (OCR). QuEst assists in all phases of Capital Project Planning from Pre-Bond Strategy, Concept Design, Budgets and Estimates to development of a Care & Maintenance Plan for your entire facility. Some of the services that QuEst provides are listed below:

  • Conceptual Project Budgeting & Planning
  • Construction Means and Methods Consulting
  • Solicitation of Design Services
  • Preconstruction Planning & Scheduling
  • Value Analysis of Project Budgets to Maximize Scope
  • Design Management
  • Cost Controls before, during & post Construction
  • Local Community Outreach of Potential Bidders
  • Schedule Management Services
  • Development of Current Facility Maintenance Plans

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Contact the MCS Office for more details on this new partnership!

The MCS “Best of the Best”
Montana’s Product and Service Awards for 2019

Athletic Fields, Tracks and Courts
Field Turf – Smart Buy Program
              Eric Fisher – – 503.563.6395

Carpeting and Flooring
Covering Broadway
               Mark Brajcich – – 406.425.2295

Computers – Technology
              Morgan Brubaker – – 866.809.9888

Konica Minolta
              Amanda Byrne – Fisher’s Technology – – 406.564.1324

Custodial Supplies and Service
Encompass Supply
               Rodney Kneeshaw – – 406.756.5900

Food Products and Services
Food Services of America (FSA)
              Warren Helmer/Tammie Claassen – – 406.238.7854

Furniture and School Equipment
School Specialty
              Libby Pankratz – – 360.788.7512

Office – Classroom Supplies
               Cameron Shapiro – – 847-876-4209

Scoreboards – Marquee Signage
               Terry Corey – – 406.491.5442

Vehicles – Fleet Sales
Nelson Auto Government/Commercial Fleet Center
               Melissa Larson – – 218.998-8865

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Food Services Program

The MCS Food Services Program is now the largest provider of products and services specifically designed for schools across the great State of Montana!  If your school is still not a member of MCS, we encourage you to give us a call and get a quote on how much your school could be saving through our program.

Benefits of the MCS Purchasing Program

  • Volume counts! The combined purchasing power of MCS working with 25 other states and serving over 27 million students creates substantial discounts on products and services.
  • Convenient ordering! Purchase directly from the companies and order only what you need when you need it.
  • Favorite brands—excellent quality! You’ll find your favorite brands all at lower prices. Quality is guaranteed, as every product in the program meets strict content and pricing criteria.
  • Satisfies bid requirements!

MCS…28 states bidding nationally together with contracts awarded locally here in Montana!