COVID-19 Resources and Information

MT-PEC COVID-19 Information         OPI COVID-19 Information

 Percent of MT Population:  New Cases – 0.0001%,  Active Hospitalizations – 0.0003%,
Active Cases – 0.0022%, and Deaths Total – 0.0015% as of Most Recent Reporting Date

4-7-2020 OPI – MT Student Education Meals and Materials COVID Handout

3-23-2020 Instructions for completing Plan of Action to be submitted to Governor’s Office

3-23-2020 Model Plan of Action Form – fillable pdf form

3-25-2020 OPI Pupil Transportation Questions and Answers

3-27-2020 OPI Online Resources Webpage

3-23-2020 Resources to Help Address the Homework Gap – Internet Provider Assistance

3-23-2020 Free Video Conferencing Apps – Services

3-23-2020 Online Resources For Teacher

04-22-20 Governors Directive – Reopening Phase One

4-22-2020 Reopening Montana Phased Approach. – Schools

4-22-2020 MT School Reopening Guidelines

3-20-2020 Governor’s Directive – Further Guidance on Schools

3/22/2020-Closure Extensions and Social Distancing Directive

3-25-2020 Governor’s Directive on Elections

3-25-2020 OPI – Elections Questions & Answers

3-26-2020 Stay at Home Order

4-67-2020 Extension of Governors Directives

3-23-2020 Montana Information About COVID-19 Cases

3-23-2020 US Information About COVID-19  Cases

3-25-2020 Ed Week Map of State School Closures

4/1/2020 National COVID-19 Projections(use with caution and check periodically for changes)