School Reopening Topic Resources


MT-PEC Governor OPI AASA CDC MA DESE Protocols
Emergency Policy Framework Health and Safety Plan Scenario 1: Buildings Closed with all students remote learning. Establish Consistent Guidelines to Address Multiple Scenarios and Contingencies Promoting Behaviors that Reduce Spread What if a student or school staff member exhibits symptoms of COVID-19?
School District Policy and Procedures Phased Reopening Plan Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Specific Action Steps Related to a COVID-19 Reopening Infrastructure Maintaining Healthy Environments What are symptoms of COVID-19?
Alternative Grading Phase One Academic Programming Promoting Connectivity and Engagement in a Virtual Learning Environment Maintaining Healthy Operations Where can my child get tested?
School District Meetings and Gatherings Phase Two Physical and Structural Safety Leading Social and Emotional Learning Preparing for When Someone Gets Sick Will COVID-19 testing be offered in schools?
Use of Transportation Funds for Offsite Instruction Phase Three Scenario 2: A mixed model of traditional and off-site learning Leading Trauma-Sensitive Instruction and Trauma-Skilled Schools   A student is tested, and the results come back negative for COVID-19. When can they return to school?
Student, Staff, and Community Health and Safety Academic Social, Emotional, and Behavioral What Additional Services and Support Structures Should Trauma-Skilled Schools Offer?   What if a student tests positive?
Student Instruction and Education Services Physical & Structural Academic and Extracurricular Programming Prepare for Potential Changes in Human Resource Management and Contract Negotiations   What if my child is symptomatic but I cannot get them tested?
School District Declaration of Emergency Social, Emotional, & Behavioral Physical & Structural Safety Recommended Actions Related to Professional Development and Reopening   What action will occur if a student exhibits symptoms on the school bus?
Family Engagement Transportation Scenario 3: A mixed model of traditional and remote learning with an increased number of students in school buildings Suggested Action Steps for Transforming Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment During Reopening and the Coming Academic Year   What if a student is symptomatic at school?
Human Resources and Personnel Business Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Anticipating Budget and Fiscal Issues Associated with Reopening   What if a staffer is symptomatic at school?
Personnel Use of Leave Extracurricular, Activities, & Athletics Academic and Extracurricular Programming Embrace a New Paradigm for Post-COVID-19 Education   A family member or another person my child was in close contact with tested positive. What should I do?
School District Budget Adoption, Amendment and Audit   Physical and Structural Safety     How will a school respond to a student or staff member testing positive for COVID-19?
School District Elections During Emergency   Scenario 4: Near full capacity of attendance and operations in a traditional setting, with remote learning for students not onsite     Multiple students and/or staff members test positive. Will the school close?
Event Planning   Special Education     My community is seeing a growing number of COVID-19 cases. Will the schools close?
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