September, 2019 MREA Board of Directors Nominations

Elliott Crump, Shelby Public Schools Superintendent.

“I am nominating Elliott Crump due to his dedication to rural students and rural school improvement. I work closely with Mr. Crump on many issues and due to our conversations, I believe Elliott would be a great addition to our Board of Directors.”


Trudi Downer, Rapelje Trustee

I would like to nominate Trudi Downer. She has 31 years teaching experience (mostly Laurel). She was a teacher leader in Laurel and the union representative there for years. She has served on the Molt School Board for 12 years and has been on the Rapelje Board for the past 6 years. She is also a parent and grandparent. Trudi has had a lifelong interest in providing the best educational opportunities for children.


Bart Hawkins, North Star Public School Superintendent

“Bart believes that the work of MREA has directly benefited schools across the state in teacher recruitment and that their advocacy for rural schools has been a vital voice at the state level. He has 8 years of experience as a superintendent of a rural Class C school, another 5 as a teacher in rural schools, experience as a MASS regional president and board member, and experiences as a special education cooperative board member, as well as other various committees and boards. As a member of the board of directors he would like to see the successful advocacy and leadership by MREA continue and believes that his experience and perspective on rural school issues in our state can contribute to that cause.”